And nothing will ever be the same again.

                                                                        ""Littluns"  A Journey in Time, Life and Spirit!
                                                                         One of The Most Amazing Books ever written!"
Film Historian and Theologists
          Dr Joseph P. Sinda



"Littluns" is for readers looking to discover a very different reading experience.

If you're looking for something that breaks all the rules, i.e. an animation novel that is best understood
by "Young Adults" and grownups over the age of 12, a mix of fantasy and spirituality, a book that is illustrated in color, and a present-tense experience as if you're also watching a movie, you'll find it in the novel "Littluns, AND THE BOOK OF DARKNESS" - a truly different reading experience.

 Breaking All the Rules

Littluns”: Is uniquely written in the present tense, third omniscient voice. The intent is for the reader to have an ‘at the
moment’ reading and visual experience similar to that of watching a motion picture.

Other novels: All other novels are written in the past-tense.

Littluns”: Is the first hardcover 411 page novel that includes 63 color illustrations to complete the visual reading/movie-going
experience. We were told that we should have charged $50.00 for this book, but refused and settled on the lowest price we
could at $29.95 so that everyone could afford it.

Other novels: No other publisher would produce a 411 page color illustrated novel because they would not spend the money
 necessary to produce such a traditional book. The cost would be prohibitive reducing their profit margins. Most publishing
houses just have too many other expenses including large overhead to justify the additional production costs. They would have
to charge more.

Littluns”: Is the first novel written as an animation-like, secondary world environment experience for adults. The book is family
reading, but recommended for children 12 years of age or older.

Other novels: Most other publishers believe that animation is only for kids. The successes' of animated films have proven just
the opposite.

Littluns”: was printed in the United States when experts said we had to print overseas to keep our costs down.

Breaking all the rules, and more, has created a very different reading experience for young-uns, middle-uns and older-uns alike
who have read "Littluns." Read the reviews here on the link above.

Unlike most other animated films, the novel, “
Littluns, AND THE BOOK OF DARKNESSis your epic fantasy adventure in
reality and truth.

"Littluns, AND THE BOOK OF DARKNESS" is the adventure of a lifetime that will keep your family and friends on the edge of their seat, and then touch their heart and soul.

Experience what a very different reading journey and adventure is really like?

From the bowels of the underworld, the evil one summons up his blood-curdling foulness. The only way for him to walk the Earth as a flesh and blood human-being is to keep separate some of his more potent powers into a dark book with its words reserved for his wicked purposes. With the Evil One possessing a human body, it becomes necessary for him to create his Book of Darkness, because nothing made of flesh and blood can survive the total evil he brings with him, making it necessary for him to keep some of his powers separate.

But, The Evil One’s ominous Dark Book becomes lost, resulting in him becoming trapped somewhere between the living and the dead. To prove his superiority and fulfill his plan, he must have his Book back at all costs.

Once again we find the world in chaos, but this time we're all
in the "End Times."

Littluns, AND THE BOOK OF DARKNESS is an epic animated mythological adventure, experience, and journey into the unknown. Recommended reading is for children (12 years of age or older) and adults alike. This engaging and wonderful 411 page family story, along with its 63 color paintings create a present-tense experience as if the reader is also watching a motion picture while they read this book of wonder and enchantment. If readers are looking for adventure, fantasy, spirituality, drama, comedy, terror, mystery, values, and a different reading experience that will keep them on the edge of their seat, and then touch their soul, they’ll find it in “Littluns, AND THE BOOK OF DARKNESS.”

Littluns is a story for all ages, depicting everyone’s journey through life facing choices for the Light or darkness. Beginning with a simple scavenger hunt, the reader is taken on a fast roller coaster ride into a volatile unknown.

Littluns” is a powerful book about faith and trusted friends that gives positive celebration to traditional Christian-Judeo values and the human spirit. It is a story of extreme good and innocence in a world of chaos from the resulting seductive effects of evil.

And nothing will ever be the same.

And for you the adventure is just beginning.

From the amazing world of Littluns comes the 411 page, color illustrated and award winning novel "Littluns: And the Book of Darkness: an adventure and journey for all seasons and all reasons in the most different reading experience you will ever have. Under the most difficult of situations "Littluns" demonstrates the hope and determination of the human spirit.

Don't let the animation-like content fool anyone. Although family friendly, "Littluns" is not for the very young and best understood by "Young Adult" and grown-up reading on an adventure and journey of a lifetime under God.

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