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"Dreamers, Realities, and the Trappings of Life"

"A Littluns' Truth"

"At What Cost is FREEDOM Worth Fighting For?"

 "Is our world on a collision course with evil?"

“A true Friend”

“Bullies Exposed”

"Dreamers, Realities, and the Trappings of Life"

Everybody has creative ideas and dreams. It's the courageous few, through their determination and perseverance who turn dreams into tangible realities, with sustainable consumer needs, and/or purposes in industry or the marketplace.

Playing it safe and doing nothing usually ends with unfulfilled dreamers, looking back over their lives, asking the question, "What if?" What if I followed my bliss and took a chance? What might have happened? Could I have been successful and would I now be more happy and content than I am? Those that do nothing will never know.

When first starting out on the road to independence, self realization, and fulfillment, young dreamers feel invincible, visualizing the world at their feet with unlimited possibilities. If at first the world doesn't share the dreamer's enthusiasm, it doesn't necessarily mean that the dreamer is wrong, or that their vision doesn't have any value. It does mean that the dreamer will now have to figure out why, and then go on to the next step, or move on to their next big idea. The obvious problem with this process is that everybody has to make a living. Unless the dreamer is very rich or gets lucky and the dream actually starts generating an income for them, finding a paying job soon becomes a priority.

Along the way, if the dreamer is not careful, soon the trappings of life replace the dream with tangible possessions, which includes the responsibilities and commitments to sustain them. The dreamer's focus changes from what could be, to what is.

Life, time, and space are so finite and at best uncertain with death the only certainty and inevitable outcome for all existence. With that understanding, keeping up with the Joneses hardly seems as important as following one's bliss.

When courageously taking any first step, in an attempt to rise up above complacency; realize our dreams, to give us more value and completeness, and fulfill our potentials, we all soon find that if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

If everyone played it safe succumbing to their own self-inflected limitations, we would all still be living in the middle ages. We all benefit from the risk takers, if only to inspire us to reach our full potentials. Personally, I gravitate to people who think outside the box; not afraid to try new things. As Theodore Roosevelt said, "...there place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." It's an exciting place to be, even if it takes a lifetime to get there. We are all better off from those who are actually in the arena, pushing the envelope beyond what is, to what can be, while constantly reaching ahead of us to the infinite possibilities beyond.

There are countless stories of people who were ahead of their time, with their work only appreciated after their death. Whether they succeed in life or not is not as important as their determination to make it all happen, and after years of hard work, to finally realize their dream as something real and tangible. By doing nothing, the dream remains but a dream, and dies with the dreamer - as so often tragically happens. At least the courageous followed their bliss and took a chance with that first step to a higher calling instead of just leaving the dream a mere fabric of their
unfulfilled imagination.

So follow your bliss, dream big dreams, hold your standards high, reach for the stars -  and by all means remember that nothing really good comes easy because if it did everybody would be doing it.


"A Littluns' Truth"

"Littluns" don't have to think about what truth is. To be anything but truthful, just wouldn't be Littlun. Littluns are pure of thought and deeds. It just wouldn't occur to them to be any other way.

Residing high atop Powder Mountain and nestled within their pure, secret, and protected land of Hollow hills, Littluns are shielded from any outside negative influences. Being pure of thought, Littluns can not be seduced by temptation. Only lesser persons in the land below easily succumb to fleeting idle promises while deluding themselves and their empty, constricted priorities within their self-inflicted veil of darkness. In contrast, those who reside in His Light embrace the liberating affects of truth, where peace, love, hope, joy, enlightenment, and the heart’s desire for all things good are the rule and not the exception.

For Littluns, it's natural that truth is not subjective or an opinion or something that can be conclusively manipulated or distorted to fit into some self-serving, singular agenda. In truth these things don't exist for Littluns. Littluns are God's perfect creation; of the meek; the innocent and humble who He has promised shall inherit the Earth.

In truth Littluns have power of thought as opposed to a secular lie or half-truth that only serves to confuse and project a false representation of the facts. Littluns know that truth is the opposite of anything false in the eyes of the righteous who know the difference. Truth is the unwavering Littluns' embrace of those who live in His Light as opposed to others who dwell in darkness. Truth dwells in the hearts and minds of these little people who recognize the difference between established truths, in contrast to untruths based on fallacious misrepresentations.

Truth would have little or no meaning if it were smothered in a Godless void of mediocrity. In such a scenario truth would be but a meaningless and pointless concept. Darkness basks in the shadowy recesses of those gray areas where false witnesses prevail.

The selfish, self-serving create gray areas, which in itself are lies, to justify and validate their own existence, judgments, decisions, purposes, and subjective interests in their lives.

Truth is not a complicated concept to understand when one lives their life as an uncompromising Littlun of indefatigable righteousness with conviction and clarity of the facts.

The above is only about “A Littluns’ Truth” If you would like to know more about Littluns you can find it at the following

WEBSITE:    http://www.littluns.NET


"At What Cost is FREEDOM Worth Fighting For?"

In our most unique free country of the United States we have indisputable inalienable rights along with our constitution that spells out and guarantees those rights.

Most people today take for granted what others before us fought, and died for. To remain in office, our elected representatives become bought and paid for by corporate and other powerful individuals who use all the marketing, and brainwashing devises at their disposal to manipulate the masses into submission. Doing the right thing takes a back seat where subjective interests and secret agendas are present in the halls of power.

Adding to the threat, currently a super computer is being built that will be able to compute one thousand TRILLION computations per second. That’s over 240,000 bits of information on every, man, woman, and child on the planet.
We all know that information will only be as good as the people imputing the data – or a perception based on a narrow and incomplete analysis. Imagine what it might take to correct any false information and how our freedoms will be compromised once that information is out there in cyberspace.

The Illuminati has stated that most first world countries will have some kind of implanted chip (666) by 2017. The world’s huge debt along with another total financial collapse on the horizon is setting the stage for that to happen. Talking heads and so-called experts spin their rhetoric to sell their spurious agenda(s). Secret organizations like the Illuminati (Bilderbergs, etc.,) are planning everyone's fate to their self-interests.

The Internet has become Big Brother in the guise of freedom wherein free people are convinced that the Internet is theirs, “The Peoples’ Internet.” Unknowingly we are all being labeled and categorized according to, and by, someone in the shadows that we don’t even know.

We must all question anything that will negatively impact our freedoms and then look for long-term alternatives that will
keep us free.

We should all question and be aware of false profits, for they are manipulators of the truth for their own self-serving purposes
Never leave your fate in the hands of others who think they know what’s best for you. Trust in the word of God more than that of man and our freedoms will never be compromised.

Stand up and let your words be heard. The next injustices and lost freedoms may be closer to home than you think.

At what cost is FREEDOM worth fighting for? Well, that would depend on how much it’s worth to you.


 "Is our world on a collision course with evil, traversing a road to the extinction of the human race?"

One only needs to read the newspaper or turn on the television to find that negativity dominates the landscape. It would be refreshing, to say the least, if there were a news program that focused on all the good things people do every day where we could be inspired by their contributions to the advancement of our civilization and humankind. But, I’m told that nobody would watch – would you?

With nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in the hands of some fanatics, how long do you think it will take before an event of catastrophic proportions is unleashed; releasing a black death like no other the world has ever seen, along with untold repercussions, mutations on multiple levels, and their short and long term consequences?

In the last decade alone, there have been at least 20 new diseases and counting. How is it that so many new diseases are being formed? Any one of these diseases or viruses could turn into an epidemic, or worse pandemic that could kill millions of people. Imagine the series of inevitable events that would follow a pandemic or nuclear exchange. Economies of the world would crumble to a halt resulting in famine and more deaths with exponential fervor. It would give new meaning to “Survival of the Fittest.”

It doesn’t seem enough that natural disasters have been increasing at an alarming rate. No, some humans are trying to take chaos, suffering, and mayhem to another level with their continued terrorist activities. But even that isn’t enough. These mentally deranged, criminally sick people won’t be happy until they also acquire nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. But, to what end? During the last days of WW II, the entire world witnessed the potential of what such a diabolical exchange would surely be. Now with thousands of nuclear bombs poised for action, all it would take is one fanatic entity to push a button, unleashing the beast and a chain reaction unimaginable to some future result; with our survival less than certain.

The toxins and chemicals in our air, water, and food; along with the processing of our foods have been going on for decades. What are the results of all these chemicals introduced into the environment; and what have all of these manipulations of nature done and continue to do to our health and DNA?

As if that isn’t enough, people take prescription and/or illegal drugs to cope with or escape reality, or to simply try to cure something that might have been avoided all together had we not challenged nature in the first place.  

20th century ingenuity, invention, innovation, and creativity, have benefited all of mankind into the 21st century, but not without also creating problems like global warming, pollution, and diseases.

We find ourselves surrounded with perversions, moral degradation, and dangerous criminal mental illnesses wandering the streets; a lack of character and distortions of the truth where people manipulate it for their own self-serving purposes. The media only fuels the fear, preying on those fears.

On the other hand there are millions of people, who every day of their lives, are dedicated to making our world a better place to live in, even while under the constant shadow of our potential extinction where all of us are bombarded with negativity every single day. I find it interesting and curious, even incredulous that we’re NOT instead pleasantly showered with people’s high achievements and the hard work and dedication it took them to get there.

Do you think we could reverse this long standing trend of negative poisons by giving recognition, importance, and praise to the good and righteous among us? Do you think this would have a positive impact on all of our lives?

Do you think people can make a difference, or do you think World War III is inevitable?

The Internet could provide a forum for possible solutions, empowering large numbers of people that could positively influence the powers that be. From the chaotic world events seemingly at our doorstep, to our own negative intrusions disrupting our individual lives, can we use the Internet to solve some of these problems by Gather-ing up workable solutions?

Do you think positive thinking and its uplifting influences’ impact our lives resulting in raising us up into the light, in contrast to the negative heaviness that drags us down into the darkness?

Imagine millions of Internet voices and petitions making a difference for a better world.


"A True Friend"

For me, the word friend is usually used loosely without much thought about its importance in our lives. Good and bad experiences come and go, but a friend – a true friend is always there for you. It has been said that if we have one true friend in our lifetime we become the luckiest person in the world.

So what is a true friend?

Friendship is earned.

Without any shadow of doubt, a true friend is a person you can trust implicitly to be there for you (and you) for them. Being true friends must be reciprocal to be complete.
A true friend thinks more of their friend than of their own best interests.
A true friend is a “Best Friend” when unconditionally grounded in the teachings of the Bible and then leads by example in its complete truth.
Acquaintances come and go, but a friend, a true friend is forever.
What does the word friend mean to you?

Good and evil are also extreme terms with imperfections of the former and sometimes subtle deceptions of the latter in the guise of its message, temptation, and ultimate seduction. Both offer rewards, but only one offers truth, peace, love, hope, joy, and the heart’s desire.

How do we save the human race from itself? Maybe when there are more true-friends than acquaintances will we begin to appreciate the full potential of the human spirit in truth, with understanding, and respect for all. We can agree to disagree, but should never lose sight of the possibilities for it is in those possibilities that we become greater than any
self inflicted limitations we may have.


What Is A Bully? A bully is a lowlife who intimidates, terrorizes, persecutes, torments, frightens, oppresses, browbeats, and harasses the innocent among us. They prey on those they think are weak where it gives them power over that other person and if not stopped usually leads to violence.

The Bully at School

A person’s first experience of a bully usually begins at a very young age. Through jealously, intimidation and a bloated sense of self, it can be a sibling in the family who chooses to have controlling power over their sister or brother. But, usually one’s first experience comes at school where we have our first encounter with a bully. It begins with words of intimidation for them to test the waters, demonstrating their egregious dominance over the other person. If the bully sees weakness, the bullying increases until it eventually leads to violence. The bully usually has a minion entourage of fellow losers that follow him around providing the same mindset of intimidation to further degrade their victim. By themselves they are usually weak, but as a group they feel invincible in numbers. If they don’t mend their ways, these moronic predators of a useless and wasted existence usually drop out or are expelled from school; end up criminals or scrape up a living to make ends meet as they reluctantly and defiantly acclimate into the civilized world.

Fists to Knives and Guns

There was a time when bullies only used fists to demonstrate their superiority over their prey. But sometimes their victim would fight back, and win, which would usually lead to their group’s disbandment. So these cowards of inequity started using knives and guns, further terrorizing the civilized and peace loving people who become their victims.

The Malevolent, Wicked, and Evil Among Us

From the malevolent bully at school, to the wicked bully gangs who claim neighborhoods (territories) that don’t legally belong to them, to the bully dictator wielding his domination over the people, and the evil bully terrorists around the world where murder and extermination becomes their ultimate goal; we the civilized people of the world demand that justice be served and enforced to the full extent of the law. Anything less is not acceptable.

Better yet, imagine if the bully predators woke up and realized the error of their ways. Imagine if a bully turned his/her negative energy into positive efforts for good works. Imagine if a bully redirected all that useless negativity and took a step in the right direction.

Imagine a better world under God.


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