And nothing will ever be the same again.

                                                                        ""Littluns"  A Journey in Time, Life and Spirit!
                                                                         One of The Most Amazing Books ever written!"
Film Historian and Theologists
          Dr Joseph P. Sinda

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"Littluns" is a book,  that is in many ways like experiencing a movie, but is really a novel that   can only be read. An adventure of a lifetime for all seasons and all reasons

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An animation-like, family friendly fantasy journey

for "Young Adults and grown-ups, that takes readers
beyond the imagination
into reality and truth.

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63 color illustrations in a 411 page epic allegory for anyone looking to discover a most different reading experience, and how a fantasy can take you into reality and truth on a journey and adventure of a lifetime.

From the award winning, and critically acclaimed novel of our times, “Littluns: And the Book of Darkness" comes a journey and adventure of a lifetime.


A Life Experience for Grown-ups of all ages.

Littluns - Little Ones

"And Jesus called a little child unto Him, and set him in the midst of them, and said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in My name receiveth Me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."—Matthew 18:2-5. (Mark 10:5.)


As an example, readers will find the novel "Littluns" to be representative of God's perfect child-like creation for all to discover and what it means to be a true Christian under the very worst of adversities. See for yourself with more from the TABS above.

The Story and Experience


Littluns: And the Book of Darkness” by Mark Glamack

For All Seasons and All Reasons.

Littluns are mythical little people (little one’s) only about three-feet in height, but more importantly representative of God’s perfect creation; what He intended for us all on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Their secret homeland high atop "Powder Mountain" is paradise found (and kept) with peace and prosperity the norm and not the exception.

On what should be a pleasant Scavenger Hunt outing, five “Littluns” journey down from their secret mountaintop homeland, only to find themselves trapped within the darkness that is consuming the land below, spreading terror, destruction and extermination in its path. Five Littluns sacrifice everything in this most crucial journey and adventure of a lifetime.

After the sky had fallen onto the land below, and eventually Satan being incarcerated to a bottomless pit, the world enjoyed peace for a thousand years. Soon afterward the beast was released once again. To now complete his purpose while entering the realm of the living, along with the necessity of possessing the body of a human host, it becomes necessary for the Evil One to place most of his more dark powers into his newly created Book of Darkness because no living-being could possess those evil words and survive. But through a twist of fate, his book becomes lost and now to fulfill his mission he must have his book back at all costs.

A multi-award winning family friendly book, Littluns is perfect for readers of all ages looking for a very different reading experience. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure depicting true friendships; full of valued choices between right and wrong, good or evil, God’s light in contrast to satan’s darkness.

For the “Young Adult” and grown-up Christian and secular reader, Littluns are an ageless example of courage under the worst possible conditions and what it means to love and be loved under God.




   And God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw that

the light was good; and God separated the light
from the darkness.

                              And you will never again take anything good for granted.

“Littluns: And the Book of Darkness" and  you.


A color illustrated novel in a 411 page epic reading experience.

Winner of the "Dove Award"

""Littluns" is a very literate story with well written and defined good and evil characters. Those who especially enjoy medieval literature and allegorical stories mirroring Biblical themes will enjoy this book. We gladly award this book our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for ages twelve plus."

Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter - Dove Foundation

Read more about what the Dove Foundation has to say from the second TAB at the Top of this page.

Winner of TWO “Mom’s Choice Awards” gold in two categories,

  1. Fantasy, Myths, and Legends,

And also GOLD for...

     2.)    Fiction,

         The "Mom's Choice Awards" is known for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

         We were informed that “…"Littluns: And the Book of Darkness" was chosen by an esteemed panel of judges made up of education, media, and other experts as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business, authors, scientists and others,” with their total votes needing to be 90% or better for anyone to win. We won Gold in two categories for "Young Adult”. All of us are truly humbled with their   recognition of honoring "Littluns" with this most prestigious award.




Honorable Mention at the New York Book EXPO.

What readers are saying about “Littluns.”


Jan 12, 2011 KevaD rated it  on Goodreads

"A story designed for families, and, one that will stand the test of time."


Avid_Reader1950 wrote:

"I have never seen a fantasy that had you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book. The characters are so different, and the story is one of so many twists and turns you're not sure where it is going. There is never a dull moment,  you don't want it to end."


“…I truthfully don’t have enough viable proof to prove that god really exists, nobody does, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind. This book changed my way of thinking and right in the middle I was crying in the metro train just thinking “wow he might really exist”…. This story should be the next big animation flick everyone has been craving for."



Kevin "James" Richardson wrote:

"Littluns" is to Christians what "Harry Potter" was to the secular world - yet "Littluns" is written for both."

Where will you be when the chaos consumes all peace loving people deeper into the end of the age?

Will you make a difference or succumb to the powers that be?

Where will you be when the world falls into madness and darkness?

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Why you need to read the novel “Littluns: And the Book of Darkness.”


The Handwriting is On the Wall as the World Falls into Darkness.


To see and understand what's really happening in the world, you need to take a step into The Light with “Littluns”


               Looking for a unique journey like no other to experience?

You Just found it!


From the amazing world of Littluns comes the 411 page, color illustrated and award winning novel "Littluns: And the Book of Darkness: an adventure and journey for all seasons and all reasons in the most different reading event you’ll ever experience. Under the most difficult of situations "Littluns" demonstrates the hope and determination of the human spirit.


Don't let the animation-like content fool you. Although family friendly, "Littluns" is not alone reading for the very young. “Littluns” is best understood by "Young Adult" and grown-up reading on an adventure and journey of a lifetime under God.



Awards Won: See page two TAB above for details


"The Dove Award"

"Mom's Choice Awards' Gold, for “Young Adult Fiction”

"Mom's Choice awards" Gold, for “Fantasy, Myths, and Legends.”

" Indie Excellence FINALIST Book Awards"

"Honorable Mention at the New York Book EXPO."


An Animated Motion Picture Experience That Can Only Be Read


"Littluns: And the Book of Darkness” is a book - that is in some interesting ways like a movie - that's really a 411 page, color illustrated fantasy novel for "Young Adult" and grown-up readers who are looking to discover a very different reading experience - the best of both worlds for Christians readers and others who need "Littluns" the most.


Take a step into the light with "Littluns" for positive values and direction for a better life lived under the most difficult of circumstances on a personal experience of a lifetime. "Littluns" is something you can't find anywhere else; a family friendly one-of-a-kind journey and adventure like no other for "Young Adult" and grown-up readers of all ages. “Littluns” provides an experience that can only be read in this one-of-a-kind novel, with value and quality second to none.





Although family friendly, "Littluns" is best understood by "Young Adult" and grownup readers of all ages; lovers of Fantasy, Animation, Myths, and New Legends, in a nonstop Adventure that
has touched reader's heart's and enrich their souls.

Discover a very different reading experience

for you, your family, and friends.


More of what other people are saying aboutLittluns: And the Book of Darkness.”

"...with screenwriting skills that make his audience feel like they’ve been deep inside a high production animated movie."

Sara Hassler
Reviewer                                         "I recommend the book to anyone; it is
                                                                for any age, from a small child, to an
                                                                elderly couple, to people who just want 

                                                               to read it for the genre, or to people
                                                              who want to read it for the message in it.
                                                             This book is one of the best reading experiences
                                                             I have had in my entire life. Enjoy."

                                                                David Watson

                                                                                                                                                                      "Readers will want to be sure

                                                                                   their door is locked and there

                                                                                   are more lights on than just

  "Extraordinary!"                                                    the reading lamp."

                                                                                   Jim Bratkowsky, DVD Producer

"Littluns is an                                                              "Littluns" is a tale
adventure about                                                             that will weave joy
friendship, loyalty,                                                         and intrigue                                                                                         
courage, and                                                                  through the
determination.It is a                                                      imaginations of young
great book for                                                                 and old alike."
students and adults
                                                                                       - Audrey Greenwell -
- CourtneyPearsall -


Compelling                                                    "A Masterpiece

"A movie-going
experience in a                             
"I'd recommend Littluns to anyone who
enjoys literary and artistic imagination.
Littluns stands on its own as a work of
creative fiction and between the lines
as an allegory of new world order, truth,
faith, hope and spiritual conflict.”

Bruce Brinick,
"Littluns" is a journey                                                                                                          
of survival against the                                                                                "Good job Mr. Glamack you open my eyes
ever meet..."                                                                                                    on a possibility that might change the
                                                                                                                           whole world if they give it a chance."
Jim Bratkowsky                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Salvador C. Carrillo


"Littluns and the Book of Darkness is a wonderful gift

for lovers of fantasy, for parents and educators

who want to offer a faith based book and for

librarians who want to expand

their offerings."

Sara Hassler


"Littluns and the Book
of Darkness is a delightful,                                                                 "Littluns creates a path into human
skillfully written novel that                                                                experience that guides us to the very
will capture both young and                                                              core of our soul—providing a key to
mature readers and leave                                                                    peace and endurance as we await the
them with full hearts and                                                                   renewal of the world at the end of time."
the tools necessary..."
                                                                                                              Robert E. Maguire, O. Cist.
Sara Hassler

A Reader's Video Review

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Avid_Reader1950 wrote:

"I have never seen a fantasy that had you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book.The characters are so different, and the story is one of so many twists and turns you're not sure where it is going. There is never a dull moment, you don't want it to end."

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"Littluns: And the Book of Darknes

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Imagine innocence of Light, the meek and good among us being unexpectedly consumed into a void of darkness.

 Imagine a world gone wrong as darkness overwhelms the Light - offering little hope in the world of man.


 Imagine circumstances beyond your control from which your life will inexplicably never ever be the same.



 Imagine  being stripped of your identity with no past, present, or future while wandering misplaced with a tortured disability and terrifying existence, within an empty space of nothingness.



What could YOU do - where would YOU go - how might you survive –  can there be any hope in hopelessness?


Imagine being in such a dark place and how you might find ANY truth, peace, love, hope, joy, enlightenment, and your heart’s desire in the face of such adversity?

You can find the answers you're looking for in "Littluns."

Littluns shines a bright Light on the truth for;

  • Your entire family.
  • Traditional values.
  • The stark reality and consequences of being in the Light or in the darkness.
  • The pure of heart in contrast to those who have none.
  • The truth and how it can be disguised and/or manipulated for self-serving purposes.
  • Further understanding the disturbing dangers regarding mind altering drugs.
  • The existence of pure love.
  • Hope in what seems like overwhelming odds.
  • What joy there can be.
  • God’s truth, peace, love, hope, joy, enlightenment, and your heart's desire.
  • How the very worst of handicaps can reveal our most significant strengths.

Overcoming handicaps, obstacles, negativity, and darkness can be a daunting and overwhelming task. "Littluns, AND THE BOOK OF DARKNESS" provides value above and beyond such adversity.


Looking for something of value; 

  an understanding of paradise found?


A little about five "Littluns" Scavenger Hunters


Braybe Livingston
teaches Littlun history to younger than young younguns. He can be quite impatient and has no problem expressing himself. One day he kept his whole class after school because he felt that they were not grasping the forefather’s text on the importance of self-government. Every one really did understand how democracy has provided peace and harmony for all Littluns; they just liked to hear him talk. While most Littluns’ round ears stick out, Braybe’s ears point slightly backwards. His nervous temperament, quick walk, and lots of Crick-golf force him to eat more to keep up his weight.



Miskey Honeywell is the librarian for the town of Littleton. He’s read every book and from memory can point to any title’s location in the library. He even wrote several spy novels himself; the subjects of which can spur animated conversations. One such novel was about a spy commissioned to find Littluns. It kept many a Littlun up very late reading to find out if the spy was successful. Of course, the mole slipped off the mountain before he could reach the In-N-Out, which was a great relief to all of Miskey’s Littlun readers. Miskey has a slightly larger than normal head, which some Littluns credit with his great ability to store all that knowledge.

Letsen Overland is the most experienced of any young-un scavengers with, to date, a total of five outings under his belt. This will be his sixth. Normally, Letsen supervises all the gardening and tree trimming throughout Hollow Hills. He has a larger than normal nose and stands taller than the others by a staggering three inches.

Brandywine Weatherspoon, Brandy for short, is a gourmet cook, which is obvious when looking at him. He’s at least twenty pounds heavier than the average Littlun and quite proud of it. Brandy is often heard saying, “To be a good cook, all you have to do is buy a cookbook. To be a great cook, you write your own. That takes many tastings through trial and error, an insatiable appetite, which is no problem for any Littlun; and a tummy that welcomes change.”

There are many large and small waterfalls throughout the valley of Hollow Hills.

By far, the most impressive waterfall in the entire valley is at the Littlun residence of

Sneetz Summerville.

He actually has three waterfalls that drop from the top of a rocky aqueduct into several elevated pools that empty into a larger waterfall that fills a large pool at its base. Pool parties and fishing are commonplace at the Summerville home. Being a young-un, Sneetz is still single and doing just about anything he pleases. Littluns usually get married and start a family when they reach middle-un status.

For now, Sneetz has big plans. Somewhere between fishing, Crick-golf, parties, gardening, and general fun, he is contemplating expanding his living space. This takes a lot of thought and cannot be rushed. Sneetz comes from a long line of Summervilles who made their fortunes making and selling fishing lures. Fishing is easy with a “Summerville Lure,” and for as long as anyone can remember, there has never been any need for competition, making Sneetz a very wealthy Littlun. In his spare time, Sneetz continues to produce the Summerville Lure, which is sold in his store, appropriately named “Summerville’s” in the town of Littleton.

Littluns means “little people who live within.” From the inner crater walls of Powder Mountain to their homes and businesses built into the environment and community of Hollow Hills, Littluns symbolize all that is good and true.

Littluns measure about three feet in height, give or take a few inches, and are usually well-rounded in appearance, due to their insatiable appetites and the many social events that provide good reasons for good eating. They have very large ears, three fingers and a thumb, and furry feet with thick soles, eliminating the need for socks and shoes. The only exception is when going down the mountain on a scavenger hunt where boots also add several inches to there height, etc.

Birthdays are celebrated in a big way, but unlike humans, Littluns don’t measure age in terms of years. They sometimes refer to themselves as “younger than young-uns, young-uns, middle-uns, or older-uns,” but without any number attached. They are forever young in appearance and retain a child-like innocence throughout their long life. It is estimated that Littluns live to be over three hundred human years, more or less.
A typical Littlun abode, Sneetz’s home is built into rolling hills surrounded with manicured trees, bushes and a multicolored garden. His pool flows out and down throughout the valley of Hollow Hills where it eventually merges into other rivers and multiple lakes.

    The land of the Littluns is perfection personified, but today is Scavenger Hunt Day where the above five citizens of Hollow Hills will journey down from their secret mountain location to the lands of Terra Fermata and into the darkness that has come.

Where will you be when evil consumes most peace loving people into submission?

        “Okay, okay what’s all the fuss about and who are you?” the King
asks, leaning forward slightly to get a better look at the unexpected intruder.
       “A helpless human, here in Gauldradoom?” he continues, half laughing.    
       “Either you’re very brave or very, very stupid. Which is it, brave or stupid?”

           Eqassym stands silent, staring at the King.

       “Come on, tell me before I eat you,” sniggers His Grossness with
a smile.

       “I have come for you to serve Me, and this is how I am received?”
The Necromancer frowns.

       The King raises one finger into the air, pausing for several moments
trying to figure out what he just heard.

         Eqassym reaches his hands back, slowly pulling the hood up over
his head. His face transforms, leaving red pinprick pupils floating within
complete darkness.

       “I have come,” The Necromancer repeats.

        “Yes, I can see that,” the King replies, his eyes bulging as they dart
left and right at the sight of pure evil. His Grossness settles down, forces a smile and finally says nervously, “Well, it’s about time! We thought you’d never get here. Master, where have you been?”

       “That’s better,” The Evil One replies, casually looking around the cavern and adding, “Do you like it here?”

     “What? Oh yes, home is home, you know,” the King snorts, looking around the cavern himself. “Why?” 

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